Netball Umpire’s Workshops January 2020

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Umpire Workshop

A dynamic umpire’s workshop will be presented by Annie Kloppers  early in 2020. Annie will again team up with Francois Nel and Lambert Fick to present this unique and dynamic umpire’s workshop for NSA C+ or higher umpires. 

The redesigned workshop will consist of blocks. Each block will consist of multiple aspects in order to assist the umpire to achieve the block’s specific outcome. This should help the umpire to understand the role of each aspect in becoming a more efficient and successful umpire.

Each block will consist of some of these aspects

  • fitness testing,
  • fitness training,
  • vision training and   
  • problem-solving.

Combining and implementing these aspects should enable the umpire to be more effective in decision making under pressure.

The presenters:


Netball Umpire’s Workshop 2020

    • Annie Kloppers – a retired International netball player and International Umpire. At present working as an ITP. She not only has extensive experience as a team coach but is a highly respected umpires coach / mentor with experience at all levels. Annie is the incumbent Director of Umpires- Netball South Africa.

    • Francois Nel – an NSA SA A graded Umpire since 2010, seated on the NSA Grading panel a number of times in recent years. He is an experienced netball coach who has coached at International levels, having travelled extensively to expand his knowledge on training athletes most effectively.
    • Lambert Fick is an Optometrist with years of experience in improving Athletes and Umpires’ cognitive vision abilities. He has worked with National teams and numerous individual Athletes.

Course details:

  • Date: 25 January 2020
  • Time: 08:00 to 16:00
  • Venue: Stellenbosch High School
  • Cost: R450
  • Included: Light lunch and some surprise goodies

IMPORTANT!! An active ProB or higher grading is required to attend

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